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Let Nature Nurture

Let Nature Nurture

Let Nature Nurture

Many friends and colleagues have been commenting about their current state of lethargy, tiredness, dull skin and a general lack of energy. My answer to them is: Juicing.

Having recently undergone surgery, I suffered a bit of a shock to the system and was too, in need of a pick me up. I began juicing and found my energy levels increase, skin brighten and immune system strengthen. Not only do you gain a powerful hit of antioxidants, you are also consuming fresh fruit and veg in their purist form. I can’t recommend this highly enough and there are many good books and recipes out there. I recommend The Juice Master by Jason Vale which includes lots of great recipes for clearer skin, healthier hair, harder nails, cellulite eliminators and more.

Benefits to juicing:

To boost Immune System.

To improve skin, hair and nails. Juices are packed with vitamins and minerals that not only aid a healthier looking skin but also help rid of toxins and impurities that interfere with skin regeneration.

Detoxify – juices help the body to detoxify, providing a healthy pH balance (an alkaline body is a healthier body – the more acidic cells are, the less able they are to transport oxygen throughout the body), green juices are good for balancing the bodies pH and also assists in the removal of acid wastes and toxins. Chlorophyll found in green foods is a wonder nutrient for the body with many benefits from liver detoxification and red blood cell renewal to improved digestion and bowel function.

Fresh juice is also great for weight loss if combined with a balanced diet and exercise.

Clear Skin Elixir Juice Recipe:

◦ 2 apples

◦ 1 handful of spinach

◦ 1 stick of celery

◦ ½ an avocado

◦ 4 ice cubes

Not forgetting to flush your system with lots of water, keeping the skin hydrated and plump.

Conditioning Hair Juicing recipe:

◦ ½ small cucumber

◦ 1 cup alfalfa sprouts

◦ 2 brussel sprouts

◦ 2 large carrots

◦ 2 large apples

◦ 1 inch fresh ginger

◦ ice cubes

Let nature nurture and see the amazing results.